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Experience the thrill as we unveil our latest candle treasures! Select scents are bidding farewell or transitioning into a fresh collection, complete with unique packaging. These candles include custom orders that are no longer required or remnants from special events outside our regular inventory.

Please note that some of these candles may exhibit a yellow tint due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. However, rest assured that despite any cosmetic imperfections, these candles maintain their high quality and exceptional scent. While we've provided descriptions of each style, please understand that photos of these discounted candles are unavailable.

Don't miss out on the chance to snag these fantastic scents at unbeatable prices. Every candle in our clearance section is discounted by at least 20% off its usual retail price.


Read our scent names & descriptions below, and make your selection from the drop-down menu above.


Scent Names & Descriptions:

2021 Doesn’t Have to be Perfect - mango, sage, white tea leaves

Adulting is Bullshit...Give Me Back Saturday Morning Cartoons & Froot Loops - lemon, lime, milk, corn, sugar, vanilla

Basic Bitch - pumpkin, ginger, nutmeg, clove, vanilla cream, & roasted coffee

Bite Me - black cherry, orange, strawberry, & lime

Blessed Be the Froot Loopslemon, lime, milk, corn, sugar, vanilla

Candy Cane - peppermint, eucalyptus, strawberry, & vanilla

Crafty Bitch - orange, cedarwood, & patchouli

Detroit is for Lovers - chocolate, sandalwood, amber, & vanilla

Dirty Hippie - earthy patchouli

Divinations Class - nag champa, earl grey, cinnamon bark, & patchouli

Don't Bug Me - citronella, lemongrass, cedar, & rosemary

Drink Up, Witches - pumpkin, bourbon, & mahogany

Friday Night-ini - gin martini with a twist

Glistening Snow - eucalyptus, peppermint, vanilla, hints of berries, & cedar

Happy Galentine's Day - coconut cream, rose petals, apple, fig, cashmere, & spun sugar

Headmaster's Office - parchment, leather, smoke, cedar, & mahogany

Herbology Class - basil, sage, rosemary, & mint

High AF - cannabis leaves, gardenia, golden amber, cedarwood, & musk

Hipster - teakwood, amber, cedar, neroli, coffee beans, leather, & musk

Holland Tulip Time - tulip, green grass, & fresh air

Holy Toledo - blackberry, effervescence, & ginger verbena

Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bullshit - Indian sandalwood & nag champa

Introverted AF - mandarin, blackberry, lavender,lily of the valley, nectarine, & honey

It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers - pumpkin, plum, spices, maple syrup, & vanilla

Lavender Balsamfrench lavender mixed with earthy balsam, cedar, & fir

Lavender Cedar Leaf - lavender, camphor, eucalyptus, amber, oakmoss, cedar leaf, & sandalwood

Lavender Lemon - lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, violet, & tonka

Lavender Mint - lavender, camphor, peppermint, lily, & patchouli

Lavender Pumpkina unique combination of warm pumpkin spice & fresh lavender sprigs

Lavender Sandalwood - lavender, eucalyptus, amber, sandalwood, moss, & cedar

Lemon Poppyseed - lemon, vanilla, brown sugar, poppyseed, & clove

Let's Day Drink - sparkling citrus, apple, red currant, & wine

Let's Get Toasted - toasted marshmallow, vanilla, & campfire

Majestic Motherfucker - water lily, cyclamen, & white amber

Miss Your Face - cardamom, mimosa, heliotrope, & sandalwood

Miss Your Damn Face - cardamom, mimosa, heliotrope, & sandalwood

Mother of the Fucking Year - rosemary, pomander, & lavender

Namaste, Bitches - sandalwood, cyclamen, violet, cedarwood, & exotic musk

Saugatuck Serenity - elderflowers, magnolias, berry nectar, & amber

Snowman Balls - peppercorn, nutmeg, elderberry, oakmoss, & mint

Spooky Bitch - cinnamon bark, black tea, & patchouli

Sugar Cookie - sweet, buttery vanilla sugar cookies

The Mask Goes Over Your Fucking Nose Too, Asshole! - honey, bergamot, almond, rose geranium

Under His Eye - earl grey, cucumber, & bergamot

Wash Your Damn Hands - blackberry, bay leaf, vetiver, & soft wood

Welcome to Wyandotte - fresh air, crisp water, bergamot, moss, oud wood, violet, & lily

World's Okayest Mom - grapefruit, ginger,cardamom, tea leaves, & oud wood

Yaaas Queen! - pineapple, goji berry, mango, & driftwood

You're a Fucking Goddess - cassis, dew drops, citrus, & amber

You're Simply the Best - citrus, apple, lily of the valley, magnolia, vanilla, & sandalwood

  • 100% Vegan

  • Premium Fragrance Oils

  • Hand Crafted

  • 100% Soybean Wax

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  • Erin

    “Such a big fan of this creator, [these are] my favorite candles!”

  • Anne

    "Return customer. Love the fragrance. JKM always ships quickly. Have given several as gifts and recipients are always happy. Truly a favorite shop."

  • Doug

    “Wonderful product. We purchased 2 and absolutely love the scents!"

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